Proteomics is taking increasingly key position in Biology and BioMedical research. In India, many Institutes and groups have been using proteomics approaches in their research efforts and we now have a critical mass of Proteomics scientists in the country. As the research efforts expand and technologies evolve, it is important to facilitate interactions among the Proteomics community and help them share knowledge for the growth of this field. “Proteomics Society – India”, is thus formed to provide a forum to pursue an agenda that will meet this objective.The Society which is strongly dedicated to education for research in Proteomics, is still in its infancy but a lot of effort is being put in the direction of making this endevour successful and useful.

The Executive Council of the Society includes Protein scientists from some of the national labs / Institutes already engaged in Proteomic research and we are further inducting representation from Universities, Industries and other organizations in the council. We encourage individual scientists, technologists, clinicians as well as corporate bodies to join as members and it is our desire to make the society most useful forum for techno-scientific and educational activities accessible to Ph D students, scientists working in both academia and Industry.

The Council invites all Proteomics researchers to join as members. Details of the Membership and benefits have been provided separately.

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Annual Meeting

7th Annual Meeting of PSI, VIT, Vellore

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